Railway Fastener:

Our company produces and processes plastic parts for railway fasteners, which are widely used in high-speed railway, urban rail transit, tram and other Railway track at home and abroad.

The annual production reaches over 36 million pieces, approximately 6000 tons.

Product materials:PA6,PA66,PA6+GF30,PA66+GF30,EVA,TPEE,TPU and so on.

Business and the future development direction of Fangke

Our business covers automotive, raliway,industrial, medical, aerospace, mechanical equipment etc. Our products include gauge apron, threaded bush, EVA pad under rail, automotive filtration system, inlet and exhaust gas pipeline, oil injection system, various appearance parts and various industrial equipment plastic parts and traditional machining parts.
Our precision molds and injection molding products focus on the global market. Through the operation of the group company, we are committed to making greater contributions to the development of the the Belt and Road.